More Info About Our Brand Ambassador Program

When you join highciti's referral marketing program, you'll be issued a unique referral link and discount code. You can find both the link and discount code from > Home > Discount Codes / Links (sub-section).

The table lists your codes. To get the referral link, click the copy icon to the right of the discount code. This will automatically copy the link to your clipboard.

What does the status mean?
A discount code / link can only be used if it has an active status. 

  • If your discount code / link status is pending, your account is pending approval by the store. Please wait for the store to approve your account before using the discount code or link. You will be emailed on approval. 
  • If the status is cancelled, the store has cancelled the discount code / link. 
  • If the status is unclaimed, this means that the store has created a new sales promotion and; you are not yet participating in that promotion. You can join the promotion by clicking 'claim code'. This will issue your account with a new discount code and link that is specific to that promotion. To earn promotion specific rewards, you must use either the promotion specific link or discount code. You can learn more about promotions here.

What are promotion specific discount codes / links?
In HighCiti can create sales promotions. Sales promotions allow us to give referrers varying rewards when they sell specific products. You can learn more about promotions here.

You can create a product specific referral link, by adding the following to any product URL from a store. E.g.

Collection specific 

Product specific 

So if your referrer discount code was sarah, replace ?ac=MYCODE with ?ac=sarah

How do I earn commission?

Sales commission is credited to you when:

  • A customer completes an order using your referrer link or;
  • A customer completes an order using your referrer discount code

How does link tracking work?
We use cookies, local storage and IP matching to track your referral leads. These trackers exist for 30 days and then expire. This is consistent with the majority of referral marketing products on the market today. 

When someone clicks my link is my referrer code added to their cart?
Yes, your referrer discount code is automatically added to the customers' cart when they click your referral link. This approach simplifies their shopping experience and increases your conversion rate. 

Does the customer receive a discount when using my referrer discount code?
Yes, the customer will receive a discount when they use your referrer discount code. The exact amount is set by the store. Check the > Promotions page for the customer discount (%) value. 

How is my commission calculated? 

In our store we will have one or more referral promotions. These are like sales promotions but for referrers. Each promotion will define it's own referrer commission policy. I.e. If you sell product X you get 15% commission on orders containing X. For every promotion that you join, you will be given a unique, personalized referrer link and discount code. This allows us to track your promotion specific performance and ensure that you earn the correct commission. 

When an order is received, we correlate it to a specific promotion. We use the commission rules that the store has specified for that promotion to calculate your commission. Commissions are calculated on the pre-tax and shipping value of the order minus any customer discounts. If an order is refunded or changed, your commission will be re-calculated based on the new value. 


  • Your referrer commission is 10%.
  • When customers use your referrer code, they get a 20% discount. 
  • You've referred Sarah from Instagram and she has created an order with the store worth $80 ($100 before discount). This amount does not include taxes / shipping. 
  • Your commission is calculated as 10% of $80. Which is $8. 

How can I track my commission?

You can view all orders that your referral account has generated from the > Orders page. From this page, you'll be able to see:

  • The order you created
  • The order's value
  • The order's status
  • Your commission (amount owed / paid) 

How is my sales commission paid? allows us to pay referrer commission using a variety of methods:

  • By PayPal
  • By gift card
  • By discount code
  • By bank transfer  

We may choose any of these methods when paying your sales commission. Please see the stores' terms and conditions on their website for details. Alternatively, contact the store directly via their website contact details. 

When is my sales commission paid?

  • Your commission will not be paid for orders that have not been paid by the purchaser or fulfilled by the store (i.e. the transaction payment must have been cleared and the product must have been delivered)
  • Orders must be at least 30 days old (this is a default, each store has a different wait period). 

The above constraints protect all parties from incorrect payments which, can occur due to customer refunds, changes or fraud. 

What if the order is cancelled?
If the order is cancelled, commissions will not be paid. An order may be cancelled due to fraud, refund or incorrect use of (i.e. self-orders, bots, link/code spamming). 

Who pays me? or the HighCiti?
HighCiti will pay you via, using our chosen payment method. 

Is PayPal required?

No, we can choose to pay you via bank transfer or via in store credit (i.e. gift card, fixed amount discount code). 

What happens if a customer returns a product or changes their order?

We only allow commissions to be paid out for orders that have been fulfilled and are at least 30 days old. This prevents incorrect commission payments from being made. We also track the full life-cycle of orders. This means that we track order changes, refunds and cancellations so you can be assured that referrer rewards are always correctly calculated.